274. Chick-fil-A Kentucky Men's Restroom (Full Shoot)

Duration: 1 minute and 31 seconds
Published: May 15, 2016
Definition: HD
Views: 11.4 thousand
Channel: TheUofLPlumbing
(Recorded Date: May 14, 2016)

This restroom was filmed at Chick-fil-A
in Louisville, KY.

The fixtures are: 1 2015 TOTO Floor-Mount Toilet, 1 2015 TOTO Urinal, 1 Counter Top Automatic Sink, 1 Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser and finally a Rubbermaid Baby Changing Station
and that's all for these Newer TOTO Fixtures.

After this video I washed my hands, because I don't really
want my hands to be dirty and gross and it's also
not healthy to have dirty hands and gross stuff
in public places.

Enjoy this video!!!
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