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April 27, 2015

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‘Eori’ helps kids to develop personality while they’re watching world well-known fairy tales, Andersen’s story and folk tales from various countries.
Kids enjoy stories unfold against colorful background. It’s perfectly safe for kids to watch with no violence in the movie.
Well, are you ready to get into Wonderland with Eori?
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Category: Film & Animation
Rating: 10/10 - Excellent
Tags: Fairy Tale (TV Genre), Folklore (Media Genre), Fairy (Character Species), World, You, Memories, Once, 뽀로로, 타요, 라바, 또봇, 로보카폴리, 터닝메카드, 싸이, AOA (Musical Group), pororo, lava, tayo, robocarpoly, WellareyoureadytojoinEorisadventureintoWonderland, Itsperfectlysafeforkidstowatchwithnoviolenceinthemovie, Kidsenjoystoriesunfoldagainstcolorfulbackground, Andersensstoryandfolktalesfromvariouscountries, Eorihelpskidstodeveloppersonalitywhiletheyrewatchingworldwellknownfairytales

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