Freddy vs. Jason (2003) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat


June 16, 2017

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All the kills in Freddy vs. Jason, broken down and analyzed!


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"Darkest Child var A" by Kevin MacLeod (
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"Slow Shock" by Silent Partner

Freddy vs. Jason (2003) KILL COUNT
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Category: Film & Animation
Rating: 9/10 - Very Good
Tags: horror, scary, jason, friday the 13th, kills, kill count, body count, deaths, voorhees, make-up, list, ranked, ranking, best, worst, james a. janisse, james janisse, dead meat, sequel, series, franchise, machete, mask, friday the thirteenth, friday the 13th part xi, friday the 13th part 11, part 11, friday the 13th 11, zombie jason, kane hodder, freddy, krueger, dreams, freddy vs. jason, fvj, nightmare on elm street, nightmare on elm street 8, noes, anoes, fingerknives, dream

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