Haat Me Haat - Manqabat Babaji Sarkar Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali (QSA)



August 12, 2011

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The manqabat 'Haath Me Haath Deyna' as recited at Camp Darulehsan - the Darbar Sharif of Babaji Sarkar Hazrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhianvi (QSA) - based on Samundri Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

'Allah Subhanahu has chosen this Ummah out of all the Ummahs. And we have chosen out of all the people of this Ummah our Shaikh. For me my Shaikh is the best of all the Ummatis. Now, in my eyes, neither is anything of this dunya enticing nor does it have any value, except Him. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyuum!'

They (the sincere Mureeds) say: "Oh Shaikh! Watching you is my Hajj and nearness to you is my goal!"

(Maqalat-e-Hikmat - The Words of Wisdom, by Hazrat Abu Anees (QSA))

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum
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