Honda Rebel 250 'BLACK SHEEP' Bobber by

TwinThing Custom Motorcycles


March 10, 2017

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Our customer wanted a bobber similar to the Honda 'Black' and was open to making a few changes...gun metal grey frame with metallic black paintwork and black rims amongst a few other changes. He wanted the bike to be called the 'BLACK SHEEP' which was also engraved on the seat. The name gave us a few ideas for a film and so we decided to have some fun with this one....

Narrated by Trevor Sellers:


Track Info:
• Title: North
• Artist: Silent Partner
• Genre: Cinematic

Track Info:
• Title: A Good Day On the African Planes
• Artist: Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions
• Genre: Cinematic
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Category: Film & Animation
Rating: 8/10 - Very Good
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