How Realistic is The Witcher 3's Combat - HEMA

Duration: 4 minutes and 22 seconds
Published: July 06, 2015
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Channel: KnightSquire
A look at how realistic the sword techniques in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are. Basically not very, but at least the swords look pretty realistic.

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Just thought I’d add,
I didn’t feel the need to mention the guard and parry system,
the biggest problem with both of these is Gerald is constantly
leaving himself open to attack.
Gerlalt’s footwork is also littered with spins to dodge incoming
attacks, spins that gain him no more distance than simply stepping
aside would.
The finisher moves are awesomely insane, Geralt somehow manages
to cut a man in half at the waist with ease… gotta love that
meteorite steel.

An awesome video on spinning in sword fights.
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