Indian Women Head Shave P.U FEST 2010 PT-1



September 26, 2011

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Palani's most important festival is Pankuni Uttiram in March-April on the day Uttiram star (nakshatra) is ascendant. This ten-day event at the Tiru Avinankudi temple, at the foot of the hill occurs in the off-season and so agriculturists and other rural folk participate in it and give offerings of paddy to the temple. Some of the monthly kârttikais draw a crowd of one lakh; the Kârttikai Dîpam and Vaikâci Vicâkam get two lakhs of persons each. The same may be said of Skanda Sasthi. Three lakhs of persons attend the Thai Pusam. Pankuni Uttiram spectacle has been estimated at five lakhs of simple and unsophisticated people with formidable faith in the Lord.

Women head shaves during Pankuni Uthiram 2010 festival. Duration - nearly 5 hours 25 minutes.. For video purchase contact : [email protected]
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