Iron Neck Li (1978) Full Movie

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December 19, 2013

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Iron Neck Li (1978) Full Movie
AKA: Tie Bo Zi Li Yong (original title); Kung Fu Forever
Action I Comedy
Director: Cheung Yan Git
Stars: Chi Kuan Chun, Siu Foo Dau, Su Chen Ping, Choi Wang, Ma Cheung & O Yau Man


Iron Neck Li signs on as a personal bodyguard for a Chinese prince. The potentate plans to visit the lawless island of Formosa, where there are criminals who would love to take a crack at the rich prince. But small time gangsters are the least of Li's worries when he encounters a powerful clan. Li must now put everything on the line to save the young prince.
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Category: People & Blogs
Rating: 8/10 - Very Good
Tags: Kung, Martial, Arts, Movie, Movies, Ninja, Master, superhero, karate, Kung-Fu, Fighting, KungFu, samurai, Hustle, ninjas, action, adventure, explosions, swords, shoalin, Shaw, Brothers, Film, Films, Chinese, China, Asia, Asian, Muay, Thai, Boss, Fist, Fury, Dragon, Enter, Hong, Kong, Eagle, Eagles, claw, mantis, praying, tiger, snake, crane, white, lotus, shadow, boxing, chess, hero, heroic, swordsman, sword, flying, duel, golden, deadly, venom, venoms, mighty, merciful

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