Kissing Scenes Thailand Boys Love Series Part 1



July 30, 2016

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Hello guys :D. Welcome to my new youtube channel. This channel is about boys love. And this is my first ever editing and uploading video. Hope you enjoy it :D

Kiss Scene Boys Love Thailand Series

1. Phoo & Thee (Hormones The Series and Hormones Season 2
2. Phun & Noh (Lovesick The Series)
3. Tee & Fuse (Make It Right The Series)
4. Hall & Q (Part Time The Series)
5. Hall & Ti (Part Time The Series)
6. Nuer & Porsch (Grey Rainbow)
7. Arm & Nat (Gay Ok Bangkok)

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Tags: Hormones The Series, Hormones Season 2, Lovesick The Series, Make It Right The Series, Part Time The Series, View of Love The Series, Grey Rainbow, Gay Ok Bangkok

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