Luke and Noah Have Sex

Lexus Lamar


January 13, 2009

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Gay teens Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer, American soap operas' first gay male supercouple, finally make love in this scene on "As the World Turns."

The boys made history on August 17, 2007, when the show "featured the first-ever" gay male kiss in American daytime.

A debate regarding whether or not Luke and Noah would be allowed a sex scene led gay news site to change their "LipLock Clock" to a "Consummation Clock" which counted how many days the couple had gone without having sex. This was done to try and persuade the producers and writers to portray their relationship with the same freedoms as they would a heterosexual couple.

On January 12, 2009, the clock stopped when the couple finally consummated their relationship; they had sex for the first time, which pleased a significant portion of the audience. However, the actual love scene was not shown onscreen.

TV Guide columnist Michael Logan said that the lack of promotion for the sex scene may have been a deliberate strategy to avoid giving protesters a chance to pressure the network from cutting the storyline. "Are they being savvy or scared?" he said. "I don't know."

Luke and Noah's last scenes together aired the day before the show's finale. After a 54-year run, As The World Turns was cancelled as of Sept 17, 2010.
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