Spider-Man Vs. Black Spider-Man / Costume video / Herostime

Shurattie Studio


June 18, 2015

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Herostime Webpage; http://www.herostime.com/
You can buy the costume here; http://www.herostime.com/Spiderman-Costumes-C12/Newest-Classic-Spider-man-costume-3D-Printing-Superhero-Costume-SC066.html#.Vabfgfntmko

Peter Parker / Spider-Man receives his new costume and goes out to try it on but he will find a new enemy in the way!

Macs Ape Studio; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Macs-Ape-Studio/489258724454004?fref=ts
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Tags: Spider-Man (Comic Book Character), Spiderman, Spider-Man (Film), Spider-Man's Powers And Equipment, Marvel

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