Luweeh's Kitchen


August 21, 2013

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Same as Cassava Suman..i just changed the wrapping method,cooking method,and added other ingredients to have better taste...the wrapping style is just like
Suman sa Lihiya..To make Different lang.. as an Artist i like to discover a different style of cooking ,techniques,ideas and taste syempre...so please enjoy my video..
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Category: Howto & Style
Rating: 8/10 - Very Good
Tags: Philippines, Cuisine, Tagalog, Cooking, Kitchen, Eating, Kusina, Filipino, Pillipinas, Manila, Pinoy, Dessert (Type Of Dish), Recipe, Cassava (Organism Classification), Coconut Milk (Beverage), Coconut (Organism Classification), Banana Leaf, Tapioca Pudding (Food), Condensed Milk (Invention), Suman

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