Team Chaotix by Gunnar Nelson (Team Chaotix's Theme)



September 19, 2007

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Team Chaotix by Gunnar Nelson (Team Chaotix's Theme from Sonic Heroes)


Verse 1

Once upon a time, you could be a bad guy
And you'd live to see another day
But now you never manage, boy, you'd be brain damaged
Just to think that you could get away.

The power has arrived in a dream team
A force plus one and one makes three
And when the trail's gone cold and the lies have been told
This crew'll find what you can't see


Danger hides when the hyper bee flies and the ninja stars fly too
The muscle is Vector, the karma collector
And he's sworn to fight for you


Team Chaotix
They're detectives you want on your side
Team Chaotix
Their directives tracking down your crimes
Come along for the ride
The truth can run but not hide
For long, the game is on now

Verse 2

Remember when stealin'
Used to be a good dealin'
And the crooked life would always pay
Well, now that the team's in town
That's all gone underground
But it's a worry to this very day

A challenge has been issued by the Eggman
This mission's gonna need them all
And though his hope's grown thin, and their outlook is grim
These three are gonna heed his call

Yeah, Charmy's thing is dishing out first sting
While the green one cheers them on
Espio is clearly ready to go!
Run down who'd do you wrong?

Repeat Chorus

Team Chaotix
Sonic Heroes, What's your problem needs?
Team Chaotix
Watch those three go make the outlaws bleed
There's no way you can win
If it's trouble you're in
They're gonna kick your...

Team Chaotix
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Rating: 9/10 - Very Good
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